Sheriff ML Stallings - Endorses James Warren

James Warren served as Chief Deputy for the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office for the entire time that I served as Sheriff. I witnessed firsthand his dedication, honesty, and integrity. He supervised and coordinated all activities of the deputies to ensure the law was enforced fairly and policy and procedure was followed. He provided effective leadership and good sound judgment in all areas of his duties. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him for 10 years.

James has 30 years experience as a law enforcement officer. He served 28 years in the National Guard. He has also served over 2 years as Magistrate. His background and training in law enforcement, military, and the judicial system is exemplary. I am confident he will do an outstanding job as Sheriff.

M.L. Stallings

M.L. Stallings
Retired Sheriff, Halifax County


The Honorable James H. Pierce, Chairman
Halifax County Board of Commissioners

Dear Mr. Pierce,

I am writing to urge the appointment of Mr. James Warren as Sheriff of Halifax County.

Mr. Warren aspired to a career in law enforcement from the days of our youth growing up on Highway 48 just south of South Rosemary. He has served our county, state and country for over 30 years as a Police Officer, Deputy and Chief Deputy Sheriff, and North Carolina Magistrate. His leadership and administrative skills were also polished by 28 years with the North Carolina Army National Guard, retiring at the rank of Command Sergeant Major.

He also holds an Associate Degree in Police Science, and the Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate.

He continues his law enforcement service as a Reserve Officer with the Roanoke Rapids and Scotland Neck Police Departments.

I know of no one more qualified, and willing, to serve as Sheriff of Halifax County. Thank you for your service to our citizens, and your consideration of my request.


Charles K. Morrison, Chaplain, Colonel, USA-R
Littleton, North Carolina 27850


To: Halifax County Commissioners
From: SGT. Daniel W. Jenkins


I spent over 10 years working for the Halifax County Sheriff's Department before moving to the City of Roanoke Rapids. I can tell you that it is fairly simple to look at my exit interview to see the reasons for which I left. In a nut shell, there was a marked decline in my morale because of certain ethical issues I saw under certain officials. I am not going to run anyone down here. I just would like to point out that under Retired Sheriff M L Stallings, I was honored to work under Patrol Major James D Warren. The two of them ran an agency that did what was right and just for the citizens of this county.

It was a department of the County of Halifax. After they left, a great deal of effort was made to make it clear to the Halifax County Board of Commissioners that it was the Sheriff's Office NOT a department and they answered to no one.

I would strongly recommend James D Warren to fulfill the unexpired term of Sheriff. He would no doubt get the agency back to its roots. Reminding all of his Deputies that they indeed work for and answer to the citizens and would provide equal treatment and place everyone on a level playing field, feeding everyone out of the same hand. His department would realize that this is not a power grab, but an opportunity to put integrity, respect, honor and pride back into the agency. I felt no greater pride putting that star on my chest than while under the supervision of James Warren.

So, I respectfully request that James D Warren receive the appointment for the unexpired term of Sheriff. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank You,

Daniel W. Jenkins, SGT
Roanoke Rapids NC 27870


Mr. James H. Pierce, Chairman
Halifax County Board of Commissioners
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870

Greetings Mr. Pierce:

“Reasoning comes as naturally to man as flying to birds” …quoted from Quintillian.

What has this quote to do with anything important to you?  Please allow me to explain: JAMES WARREN…..has expressed his desire for appointment by the Halifax County Board of Commissioners to fill the unexpired term of retiring Halifax County Sheriff Jeff Frazier. Most folks may agree that Sheriff Frazier has performed outstandingly in his profession and dedication to Halifax County and the surrounding areas.   Yet here for the Halifax County Board of Commissioners is a NEW CHALLENGE, A NEW DAY…and a NEW PAGE.  With this thought, isn’t it vital for the Halifax County Board of Commissioners to desire that the succeeding  SHERIFF bring to this position his own fresh ideas based on those (LEGAL) ideals and concepts that help build Halifax County?  It is my opinion that James Warren does not base his ideals nor his ethics on race or creed; James Warren is dedicated to law enforcement; and being impartial and objective in all his work endeavors is his way of life. And now, for “Reasoning comes as naturally to man as flying to birds”….. James Warren’s ability for REASONING may be the most objective consideration by the Halifax County Board of Commissioners to appoint JAMES WARREN to the position of Halifax County Sheriff.  A man who possesses the quality of ‘reasoning’  will also possess decision-making skills that will assist in all the LEADERSHIP qualities necessary for the POSITION OF HALIFAX COUNTY SHERIFF and will lead by example which may exemplify all employees within the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department.

I do not envy your decision making regarding this important position, and I trust your intellect to make the best determination for the citizens of Halifax County.  


Linda Vaughan, RN, COHN/Nurse Consultant


To:  Halifax County Board of Commissioners:      
From:  C. H. Pridgen Jr Retired Disabled Lieutenant
Halifax County Sheriff’s Office

First I would like to say thank you for what you do for the citizens of Halifax County. I realize the Board of Commissioners are constantly faced with many important decisions, but I want to specifically address a very important decision you must make in the upcoming appointment to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff Jeff Frazier. I support and recommend James Warren for this appointment and I will explain why as I continue. I worked with all of the candidates, either under Sheriff M L Stallings or Sheriff Jeff Frazier. I have a total of 17 years as a law enforcement officer and 16 of these years were with Halifax County. I was hired by Sheriff M L Stallings in 1989 and was never more proud to wear the uniform under the leadership of Sheriff Stallings and Major Warren. I witnessed the professionalism that Sheriff Stallings and Major Warren demonstrated as they performed their duties and treated all deputies as well as the public with respect and dignity. This was a big factor in the positive morale of the department during Sheriff Stallings’s time in office. When Major Warren retired, the (late) Don Stanfield assumed command of the Patrol Division and Wes Tripp supervised the drug unit and the detectives. These two men ruled with “fear and intimidation”!

Among Wes Tripp’s duties he was to perform background checks of new employees. There were two individuals hired because of his recommendation to the Sheriff after they had been dismissed by another law enforcement agency. These individuals are currently in high ranking positions at the Sheriff’s Office and have caused much resentment between law enforcement agencies in the county. As a result the agencies are not working together as closely as they should!

  • One of these men pointed his 9mm pistol at the head of a learning disabled individual at the police station where he worked.
  • Other persons were recommended to be hired after being relieved of duty by another law enforcement agency because of excessive use of force.

I will share a few other incidents that occurred over the years:

  • While I was on duty, Sheriff Frazier called and told me to bring insulin to a large poker game located at his dad’s garage. When I arrived, I was asked if I wanted to sit and play, but I declined as they threw chips across the table.
  • Another night while on duty, I was called and told to bring a shotgun, boots, and hunting clothes to Sheriff Frazier’s hunting club. When I arrived, there were intoxicated deputies around a poker table.
  • I investigated a break-in of a residence near the old Air Force Base just outside of Roanoke Rapids and was asked by the victim to contact Detective Tripp. I called Detective Tripp and he told me he did not like the man and he would not investigate the break-in and my report would go nowhere.

When I would approach Sheriff Frazier with issues I was concerned about, he would offer no help and continued to allow Wes Tripp to intimidate and threaten the deputies. Because I was a Lieutenant, some of the deputies would talk with me with tears in their eyes because of the harassment they were receiving by the second in command. I watched two Lieutenants, with many years of experience, leave the Sheriff’s Office. They left in disgust along with a lot of deputies over the years because of the way they were treated. Does this sound like the kind of leadership we need in our Sheriff’s Office?

  • Another point I would like to make is during the 4 months that I was out of work from an injury received on the job in 2005, neither Sheriff Frazier nor Wes Tripp stopped by to see how I was doing. What kind of leadership is this?

These are only a few of the reasons I cannot sit by idle and not express my opinion before you make this very important decision. Most of the current deputies are in fear of retaliation if they speak out, so I am speaking for them and all of the deputies that have left over the years for the reasons mentioned.  I have nothing to lose by doing this and the only thing I have to gain is seeing the department regain its professional status as it was under Sheriff M L Stallings.  I am concerned about the future of the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office. I hope you will make the right choice and appoint James Warren who has the experience and training in both law enforcement and the military.

Thank you.

C. H. Pridgen Jr., Retired Disabled Lieutenant


Dear Halifax County Commissioners

Thank you very much for your service to our county. I appreciate your investment of time and energy in considering the various decisions that you are called upon to make in the best interest of the people of Halifax County.

I am writing to share with you my impressions of and experience with James Warren, one of the persons who has expressed interest in completing the unexpired term of Halifax County Sheriff Jeff Frazier. While I have very little knowledge of the other candidates, I am James’ pastor, and I have served as his pastor for the past five years.

As an active member of our congregation, James is dedicated to our church and is faithful in his support of it. He has a positive outlook toward life and a “can-do” attitude. James is trustworthy, dependable and responsible. He is a friendly individual who possesses strong interpersonal skills. I have experienced him as an effective and reflective listener in conversations.

When I have asked James for assistance, he is quick to respond. He goes “the extra mile” to be helpful to people in need.

Thank you for allowing me to share my personal experience with James Warren with you. May the Lord guide you in appointing the next Sheriff of Halifax County.

Grace and peace to you,
Jim Bell, Pastor
Rosemary United Methodist Church
900 Jackson Street
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870
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James H. Pierce, Chairman
Halifax County Board of Commissioners
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870
RE: Halifax County Sheriff Appointment

Dear Mr. Pierce,

I am writing to you to request that you appoint James D. Warren SR. to fulfill the duties of the Sheriff of Halifax County during the interim period until elections are held. His extensive experience and education will equip him to competently and fairly administer the sheriff’s department’s duties for the benefit of all.

Mr. Warren has decades of experience in local law enforcement and the North Carolina Army National Guard. The quality of his work is reflected in his achievements of the rank of Chief Deputy in the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office from 1986 – 2003 and the rank of Command Sergeant Major: E9 in the North Carolina Army National Guard. His recent work as a North Carolina Magistrate adds another dimension to his experience.

He has an extensive and varied background in law enforcement training by the North Carolina Institute of Government, the North Carolina Justice Academy at Salemburg, as well as an extensive list of other training. Mr. Warren has training that includes annual school for Sheriffs and Deputies starting in 1979, and schools and conferences for Magistrates. In addition, Mr. Warren list over 50 areas in which he has specialized training. The range of subjects covers many different circumstances and processes.

Mr. Warren’s goals indicate his purpose to administer our sheriff’s department beneficially so that it interacts productively and fairly with members of the public, with other entities of government, and within itself.

In closing, Mr. Warren would bring considerable assets to our sheriff’s department during the interim until elections. He has had a long career in Halifax County law enforcement so he knows both the job and Halifax County. He is in a position to view the department with deep dedication, and objectively from outside. The interaction of these two perspectives will help in implementing his worthwhile list of goals and commitments to Halifax County residents.

Please give your earnest consideration to appointing James D. Warren SR. interim sheriff of Halifax County.

Thank you for your time and thought.


Susan M. Perkinson


TO: All County Commissioners
From: Tony Liles, Retired Lieutenant Halifax County Sheriff’s Office

I would like to take a few minutes of your time concerning the Sheriff's appointment.

I started working with the Sheriff’s Office under Sheriff Bailey, and would like to say that all of the candidates interested in the appointment position of the Sheriff's Office, I have worked with them. I have worked with James Warren, when we were both deputies, and then we both rose through the ranks under Sheriff M.L. Stallings, with James Warren as Chief Deputy with the rank of Major. I would tell any person that James was very professional with all he met and his staff, kept all his equipment neat and in good working order. When James rose to Chief Deputy he was in charge of all personnel and equipment, he was always knowledgeable about everything and if he did not know he would get the proper answer in a very timely manner. James Warren was fair in all decision making with the public and personnel. Once a Deputy, Chief Deputy then Major, now please at this time we need steadfast leadership until the next election, with James Warren the voters of Halifax County will get the best of leadership and concern. If you as commissioners appoint James Warren to Sheriff, the citizens of Halifax County will sleep well because James Warren will be very hands on.

Thanks for your time,